What is Graphic Medicine?

Graphic Medicine, as defined by Dr. Ian Williams, describes how comic and graphic novels can interact with healthcare. Comics are a unique medium through which one can communicate thoughts, feelings, and ideas through both vivid, unique illustrations and provoking dialogue. 

Comics do much more than depict a hero flying across a panel. They reflect the experiences of their creators, illustrating how we might make sense of the major events in our lives, both positive and negative. Members of the healthcare community can benefit from exposure to these stories as a method of understanding how patients feel. Moreover, they can use comics to depict their own experiences and make sense of an often demanding and emotional career path. 

In the spirit of Dr. William's original Graphic Medicine website, this student run blog aims to raise awareness for works that can enrich the medical profession, even though at first glance they might not seem to do so. Additionally, this site will be the home of creations of UA COM-P students who are making sense of their own journey. 

Newspaper Comic